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Welcome to The Epsilon Company.  We offer a full range of technical services related to analytical laboratory instrumentation, specifically gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

Our company has  over 20 years of experience in valving applications, multidimensional design and control, as well as general chromatographic applications and methodology.

The Epsilon Company has a close working relationship with Agilent Technologies, and we work exclusively with the Agilent Technologies Model 6890 and the new Model 7890 GC, 5973/5975 series MSD, and related components.


  •  Custom gas chromatography applications.
  •  Gas chromatograph setup, installation and methods development.
  •  Mass spectrometer setup, installation and methods development.
  •  New instrument/accessory design.
  •  Control and monitoring electronics design, with emphasis on A/D and D/A circuitry.
  •  Heated zone control and PID algorithm design.
  •  Embedded microcontroller implementation and firmware.
  •  Windows OS software and graphics user interfaces.
  •  Double sided and multilayer printed circuit board design, layout and production.
  •  15 years experience with LabWindows™ software development system - A Product of National Instruments, Austin, Texas.
  •  Macros and methodology for the CTC-LEAP Technologies robotic auto samplers.
  •  Video and photo services related to promotional materials, marketing, web and/or graphics design.
     Visit WetDigital Photo and Video Services for more information.


Over the past 20 years, Epsilon, in cooperation with Microanalytics Instrumentation, has developed a number of novel and unique gas chromatography applications, specifically in the petrochemical and flavor/fragrance field.  Contact us today for information related to your specific needs and applications.


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