Hydrogen Carrier Gas Systems

There has been considerable discussion over the last few years as to the future of helium as a carrier gas for GC and GC/MS applications.  For a number of years, helium has been both plentiful and relatively inexpensive.

In 1996, the U.S. government, with the Helium Privatization Act, phased out the U.S. helium reserve and directed the Dept. of the Interior to empty the reserve by 2005.  The reserve is expected to be completely empty by 2018.

Although helium is plentiful in the lower 48 states, and new sources are being located around the world, it is still an non-renewable reserve, and the scarcity and price are going to continue to escalate.

Fortunately, hydrogen, which is both plentiful and a renewable resource, can replace helium as a carrier gas for most chromatographic applications.

Our parent company, Helios Systems, LLC specializes in methods development and carrier gas conversion to hydrogen.  For more information go to: Helios Systems LLC